Pharmacy Sleuth Trilogy by Renée Horowitz author of cozy mysteries Rx Trilogy



The Rx Mysteries Trilogy by Renée Horowitz

Starring the Unique Investigator Ruthie Kantor Morris, R. Ph.

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Meet the Sleuth

Ruthie Kantor Morris, R.Ph. She's an attractive, intelligent young pharmacist working for a major supermarket chain in ritzy, upscale Scottsdale, Arizona. Teaming up with Scottsdale PD detectives, Ruthie gets on the trail and relentlessly follows the clues to their surprising solutions. While the hot, dry desert air is often a comfortable 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46C) or more even on a summer evening, our pharmacy sleuth is *HOT* on the trail of wrong-doers. Surrounded by intriguing friends and family who round out an engaging tableau of personalities, Ruthie brings her investigations to exotic locales like a nearby Native American reservation. Don't miss the fun! Read the novels now.

About the Rx Trilogy

Rx Mysteries (Pharmacy Sleuth Trilogy). The links on this page will transport you to the Author List page at Clocktower Books, where info and links can be found to these three Renée Horowitz cozy mysteries, plus several standalone novels as well. In all, we have five books. We have the three cozies (Rx or Pharmacy Sleuth trilogy). The trilogy is currently not available as one anthology, so the three books in series must be purchased separately. We also have two stand-alones, as follows:

One is The Write Way to Murder, which draws upon Renée's academic expertise and working experience as a technical writer.

The other is a fictional treatment of her native New York City turf, Bitter Moon Over Brooklyn. FYI: on the Bitter Moon cover, the bridge is actually the Manhattan Bridge, which is pretty much adjacent to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Book 1: Rx for MurderBook 1: Rx for Murder.

Book 2: Deadly RxBook 2: Deadly Rx.

Book 3: Rx AlibiBook 3: Rx Alibi.


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